Martina Stoessel | Bio, Boyfriend, net worth, movie, age

Martina Stoessel | Bio, Boyfriend, net worth, movie, age, Awards

Martina Stoessel is an Argentinian actress, model, singer, and dancer. Martina Stoessel is famous for a role in Violetta. Her full name is Martina Alejandro Stoessel Muzlera. Her nickname TINI, TINITA.

Martina Stoessel | Bio, Boyfriend, net worth, movie, age, Awards, Martina Stoessel images

Martina Stoessel, Bio, Boyfriend, net worth, movie, age, Awards

  • Martina Stoessel Birthday: She is born on 21 March 1997, in Bueno Arise, Argentina.

  • Martina Stoessel Basic Information:

1. Nationality: See holds Argentinian citizenship.

2. Zodiac Sign: Her zodiac sign is Aries.

3. Religion: She is a follower of Christianity.

4. Age: She is only 23rd years old.

5. Height: Martina Stoessel is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

6. Body Measurements: Her body is 32-23-33 inches.

7. Weight: Her body weight is 54 Kg.

8. Body Measurements: Her body shape is 32-23-33 inches.

9. Ethnicity: Her ethnicity is white.

10. Hair Color: Her hair color is brown.

11. Eye Color: She has dark brown eyes.

12. Profession: Actress, Dancer, and singer.

13. Marital Status: She is an Unmarried woman, currently dating  Sebastian Yatra.


TV Show
Potito Feo (2007), Violetta (2012-2015), Spy Luna and Las Estrellas (2017), La Voz… (2020).

She acts in Monster University (2013), Violetta (2014), Tini: The Movie (2016), Ugly Dolls (2019).
The Diary (Upcoming Movie).

Awards :
Awards that are own by Martina Stoessel,
 Kid’s Choice Awards Argentina (2012), Martin Fierro Awards (2013), Kids choice Awards Colombia (2014), Bravo Otto Awards (2016 & 2017), Martin Fierro Awards (2018).

She nominated Kid’s choice Awards Argentina and Kid’s Choice Awards (2013), MTV Europe Music Awards (2016), Gardel Awards, and MTV EMA Seville (2019).


Juan Pedro Lanzani (2013-2015), Pepe Barroso Silva (2016-2018), Jorge Blanco (2015), Papa Barroso Jr. (2016). On June 10th, 2018, she is dating Sebastian Yatra.
Net Worth: $ 10 million, a house in Bueno Arise, and two cars.
  • Martina Stoessel Family: 
Martina Stoessel and her family lived in there home town Bueno Arise in Argentina. Her father's name is Alejandro Stoessel. He is a film and T.V., show producer. 

Her mother is basically a housewife. Her name is Mariana Muzlera. She has an elder brother. Her stepbrother's name is Fansisco Stoessel.

  • Martina Stoessel Childhood:

 She went to ColegioSan Markos school. She also starts acting in teleshows. Martina Stoessel gets her debut in Argentina children teleshow Patito Feo as "Martina".

 In 2011 she records Spanish version of Disney Princess: Feary Tail song "The Glow". On 31st December 2011, she performs the sound in a Disney Event called "Celebration".

  • Martina Stoessel Education: 

She went to the Colegio San Markos school in her childhood. After finishing his schooling she takes admission to the Colegio Martin Y Omar De SanIsidro.

  • Martina Stoessel Young Age: 

She always tries to bring her acting carrier to the next level. At that time 2011 her father doing a project with Disney Chanel producer. He (the Producer) told him about the audition of upcoming project lead role audition. 

After the intense audition, Martina Stoessel gets the lead role in Violetta Castillo. The show starts production in 2012, at Bueno Arise. It's given her frame, name, and money too. 

  • Martina Stoessel Movies: 

She starts work in movies from 2013. Martina Stoessel's first movie is Monster University. Next year she acts in another movie Violerra: La Emocion del Concierto its a concert film. 

She acts in Tini: The movie was released in 2016. She plays the role of Moxi in The Ugly Dolls was released in 2019. 

  • Martina Stoessel Upcoming Movies | New Movies: 

 Her upcoming Movie is The Diary. The release date of the movie will be announced soon.
Martina-Stoessel-bio-net-worth-lifestyle-movies-age-awards, Martina-Stoessel-picture
Martina Stoessel bio net worth lifestyle movies age awards

  • Martina Stoessel T.V. Show: 

She appears in many TV. shows, her first appearance on television at Patito Feo teleshow on 2007. Here she plays the role of "Martina". 

Her most water T.V. show was Violetta, it came on television from 2012 to 2015. Here Martina plays the lead role of Violetta Castillo. It produces by Disney Chanel Lati America.

She gave a guest appearance in Soy Luna as "Tini" in 2017. She also gives the guest appearance in Las Estrellas as "Tini" in 2017.

in 2018 she appears in La Voz... Argentina season 2, as a Coach.  In 2019 she appears as a Judge in the Pequenos Gigantes Argentina T.V. show.

Martina appears as a guest advisor at La Voz... season seven in 2020.

  • Martina Stoessel Achievement:

At the age of 23 years, she achieves and nominated for many awards.

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Martina Stoessel Awards:

1. Kids Choice Awards Argentina: 

Martina named Kids Choice Awards Argentina 2012 in the Female Newcomer Category for Violetta.

2. Kids Choice Awards Colombia:

She named Kids Choice Awards Colombia 2014 in the Female Newcomer Category for Violetta.

3. Martin Fierro Awards:

 Martina owns Martin Fierro Awards two times. She named Martin Fierro Awards 2014 in the Female Newcomer Category for Violetta. She named Martin Fierro Awards 2018 for the Best Musical Artist category.

4. Bravo Otto Awards: 

She owns Bravo OttoAwards two times. She named Bravo Otto Awards 2016 in the Best Female T.V. Star Category. She named Bravo Otto Awards 2017 in the Best Female Singer category.

Martina Stoessel Nomination: 

She gets nominated Kids Choice Awards Argentina 2013 in the Fevorhir T.V. actress category for Violetta. Kids choice awards 2013 in the Best Latin Actress Category for Violetta.

She gets nominated MTV Europe Music Awards 2016 Best Latin American South Act category. Gardel Awards 2019 in Best Female Pop Album for QuiroVolver Album. MTV AMA Seville 2019 in the Favorite Latin Artist category.

Martina Stoessel | Bio, Boyfriend, net worth, movie, age, Martina Stoessel picture
Martina Stoessel | Bio, Boyfriend, net worth, movie, age

  • Some Interesting Fact of Martina Stoessel: 

some of her interesting facts are-

1. If she has a superpower she wants to be in pencil Invincible.

2. See feel lost without her cell phone. 

3. Martina Stoessel's debut film Monster University realized in 2013.

 4. Her first TV show was  Patito Fio in 2007.

5. She charger around 4 to 5 lacs dollars per film.

6. Martina Stoessel currently dating Sebastian Yatra.

7. Her full name is Martina Alejandro Stoessel Muzlera.

8. She gets her stardom from Disney produce Violetta. It's a concert film.

  • Martina Stoessel Lifestyle: 

She maintains a good and wealthy lifestyle because of her stardom. She belongs to the reach family. 

1. Net Worth: Her net worth is around 10 million dollars.

2. House: He has a luxury house in Bruno Arise. It's a luxurious house that has everything you need.

3. Cars: Her cars collection and car brands are unknown.

  • Boyfriends: 

She dated Juan Pedro Lanzani (2013-2015) was her first boyfriend. Pepe Barroso Silva (2016-2018). Jorge Blanco from March 2015 to November 2015. 

She dates Papa Barroso Jr. in 2016. On June 10th, 2018, on her Instagram she confirms she is dating Sebastian Yatra.

  • Child: No she does not have any child yet. 

  • Social Media: She is pretty famous in social media.

1. Facebook: She has 3.8 million fans following on Facebook.

2. Twitter: 2.1 million people followers on Twitter.

3. Instagram: 12.7 million fans follow her on Instagram.

  • Conclusion: 

She is famous as a Disney girl like Lizzy Greene famous as a Nicklodian girl. At the end of the story, we came to the conclusion that Martina Stoessel is an actress, singer like Rydel Lynch. Martina or TINI achieves many things at the age of just 23 years. For her hard work, she gains the stardom.  Her story inspired us to get success in life. We also wish her a happy and prosperous life, and a great carrier.

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