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Capron Funk 

    Capron Funk is a social media star (Youtuber) from America. He is a professional scooter rider and Youtuber. He is born on 28th April 1993, in Temecula, California, in the USACapron Funk is famous for his daily vlogs, challenges, scooter tips, and tricks.

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Capron Funk | Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Wiki, Facts, Info, pic
Capron Funk  Age, Bio, Girlfriend, Wiki (Instagram).
  • Basic Information 
  • Family 
  • Childhood 
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Controversy
  • Award
  • Interesting Fact
  • Lifestyle
  • Social Media
  • Girlfriends
  • Conclusion

Capron Funk Basic Information: 

Some of his basic information are given below

Popular As
Scooter rider, Youtuber. 
Another Name
Capron Funk
Date of Birth
28th April 1993
Birth Day
Birth Place
Temecula, California, USA.
Professional scooter rider, Youtuber.
Zodiac Signe
Mother Tongue
American English
Language Known
No data are available.
6 ft. 4 inch
85 Kg.
Body Shape
Hair Colour
Eye Colour
TV Shows
Bike race and strunt shows.
Musical Album
No, specific results are found.
Marital Status
In a relationship.

Capron Funk Family:

Capron was born on 28th April 1993 in Temecula, California, USA. His father's name is Robert Ann. He is a national-level Golfer. His mother's name is Kimberly Ann. She is a housewife. He has a junior brother name, Corey Funk. Corey is a professional Scooter rider and Youtuber.

Capron Funk Childhood and Education: 

He spends his childhood in California with his brother Corey. He spends most of his time learning Schooter riding and its tips and tricks. He didn't reveal his education details until now.

Capron Funk Profession: 

He is a professional Scooter Rider from America. Capron participates in various Scooter riding competitions. He is a master in flip and other tricks.

He ranks second in the Scooter hut pro series 2015, which was held in Melbourne, Australia. He gets $ 20,000 prise money.

He participates in many International Championship/World championships. Those championships were held in different countries like England, Spain, and the USA. Popular Scooter manufacturing company Lucky Scooters sponsor him.

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Capron Funk Controversies: 
Capron Funk Controversies. (Instagram)

1. His name came to controversy many times for an unusual reason. When Capron and his brother Corey post their first video from Australia. He did not give any credit to the video editor.
2. Youtuber Jack Tenney accuses him and his team of coping with Jack Tenney's content. They get plagiarism notice for that.
3. They are also involved in the SMX controversy. In the name of coolness, they try to replace Scooting with SMX.

Capron Funk Award: 

He ranks 2nd in the Scooter hut pro series 2015, which was held in Melbourne, Australia. He did not own any awards until now in 2020.

Capron Funk Interesting Fact: 

1. He is a professional Scooter rider.
2. He is a social media celebrity (Youtube).
3. Capron proposes Rydel Lynch during a concert of the Driver Era.
4. Scooter manufacturing company Lucky Scooters sponsors him.
5. Capron gives a marriage proposal to Rydel Lynch during a friendly baseball match.
6. He ranks 2nd in the Australian Scooter hut pro series 2015.
7. He was an ex-boyfriend of social media star Natalie Coppes.
8. Funk's name came in various controversies.
9. Funk is one of the founding members of Funk Bros.

Capron Funk Lifestyle: 

He maintains a good wealthy life. Capron earns all his money from sponsors, Youtube videos, and endowment. He is now dating Rydel Lynch who is a TV actress, and a pop singer. He is famous on social media, mainly on Youtube.

Net Worth: Capron earns a large amount of money from various sources. His net worth around $ 2.5 million to $ 4.5 million approximately. His yearly salary is under review. 

House: He has a modern house in California. Here you will get all the modern-day facilities, like swimming pools, gardens and many more.

Car:  He has a car but we don't have any knowledge of her car model and price.

Capron Funk Girlfriends: 

Capron Funk and Rydel Lynch are dating now. She is his second and present girlfriend. His first girlfriend is a social media star, named Natalie Coppes. She was the mystery girl of Funk Bros.
Capron Funk Girlfriend Rydel Lynch (Instagram).

Rydel Lynch is an actress and pop singer. The couple dating since 2019. They officially reveal their relationship in June 2019. She except the marriage proposal of Capron
Capron Funk and Rydel Lynch just completed six months of a relationship in 2020.

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Capron Funk on Social media:
He is a social media star. He is a very famous YouTuber in America. He posts Scooter tips and sticks, dealy vlogs, and challenges on Youtube and other social media.


His Facebook page name is Funk Brothers. He has 23,420 followers on his Facebook page. His Facebook page Id. is @funkbros.


 He follows 367 people. He has 349 K. followers on Instagram. His Instagram Id. is @funkbros. Funk has 444 posts on Instagram.


He has 104 K. followers on Twitter, and 1544 tweets. He follows 68 people. His twitter Id name is @FunkBrosSMX. He has another Twitter account where he has 81.3 K. followers. Funk tweet Id. My name is @capronfunk.


He has 5.81 million followers on YouTube. His twitter Id name is Funk Bros. Here he posts those Scooter tips and tricks videos. He also posts daily vlogs and challenges.


He is a famous social media star like Parker James. After reading the above story we come to the conclusion that in his small career, his name came in various Controversies. 
Capron Funk has so much dedication in her work. He is a successful YouTuber and social media star in America. 
He is a promotional Scooter rider too. We wish him a healthy life. A good future and a prosperous career ahead.

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